Lg Quantum Hardware Review

Technology Review

the 2nd technology review of a product on this site!


The LG quantum has some extra girth to it due to the landscape keyboard, but it still looks nice. The internals are 16GB storage(unfortunately there is no micro sd expansion option, but 16gb should be okay for the average user.), 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM,1 GHz Scorpion processor . On the outside however, the front of the handset sports a speaker, with a mic next to it. Below that is a 3.5” wvga capacitive touch screen, next is a tactile windows button That gives a nice audible click when pressed. Below that is the required two capacitive buttons for search and back.
The back of the handset features the 5 mega pixel camera in the middle. On the right side of the device is a volume rocker, and a dedicated camera button. Atop the handset is the power/lock button, and the standard 3.5mm jack. One problem I have with this phone is that when the device is locked, pressing the central windows button on the phone does not unlock the phone or show the screen saver. Instead you have to tap the power button to take you to the unlock screen, its an inconvenience to the user.


The speaker that is located on the back of the phone is average at best. Music sounds slightly tinny. You’ll probably find yourself using headphones with media more than the speaker.


The 5mp camera is located on the back of the handset. The camera takes surprisingly nice pictures in the dark thanks to the nice LED flash located underneath the lens, along with nice 720p footage. Since this is my first review, I’m not sure how to review the camera other than to post actual sample pictures, so I guess that’s what I’ll do! Look below to find the pictures, some of them are on my new blog for pictures taken with this device, ShadowPicture555


The LG Quantum features a fully fledged, qwerty landscape keyboard. The keyboard has a set of directional keys, along with a emoticon, and symbol key. The keyboard shortcuts actually make the keyboard surprisingly easy to use. Each key has a alternate symbol on it, and all you do is hold down the key to add whichever symbol you wish, this method is fast and easy to use, as opposed to pressing the function button whenever you would want a single symbol.

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