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Wp7 Conundrum
So I read an interesting article on one of my favorite wp7 sites, wpcentral today. The article was about a summary of a statement made by Microsoft, stating that wp7 is their only mobile gaming platform(Wp7 is microsoft’s only solution to portable gaming.). That statement actually worried me, due to the latest problems Microsoft’s been having with its app’s.
Wp7 Marketplace spam
Wp7 marketplace spam again?
The spam problem already seemed bad from before, but now that Microsoft has made it clear that this is their direction platform wise, the spam problem, combined with another problem I’ve been seeing and considering as of late, is the quality of the app’s. I’ve seen a few articles about the quality of the app’s, but IMO if Microsoft is going to use wp7 as its solution to mobile gaming, it needs to step up. These are the people who gave us gears of war, halo, etc. So why aren’t we seeing any good exclusive titles besides the harvest(i didn’t see it for IOS or Android.)? Right now all I am seeing is ports, which to be fair, Android did start out similarly. Hopefully we’ll get some better titles after the developers conference for gamer’s in London, Seattle, And Tokyo coming soon.(Developers Conference) But as far as the wp7 gaming situation is concerned right now, I’m still pretty worried since I haven’t heard of any great exclusive titles yet.

Btw all of this was typed with my LG quantum, except this sentence.

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