The Zune’s Legacy

See that picture up there? to those of you who’ve owned a ZuneHD,you know what this is already. To those who are not sure what your looking at, this is the now playing screen for the ZuneHD Operating System, and the ‘Metro’ Os Design. Now look at this:

Looks similar right? those who own a Wp7 Device know what this is, and those who own a ZuneHD probably know what this is too. This is the now playing screen for the Wp7 Operating System, and the ‘Metro’ Os again. Now look towards the future at these:

Those 2 pictures are the future-Windows 8 and the Xbox 360 dashboard update. expected 2012 and fall(?) 2011, respectively. Donesnt this ‘Metro’ design seem like it stemmed from the Zune’s Operating system? with its starky 2d blocks of color and Oversized elegant font? I personally loved the Os of the Zune, and love how widely its being adapted, even to the desktop software Omnimo 4, which i personally use, shown below.

With The ‘Metro’ design hitting windows big product’s one by one, one would wonder: whats happened to the Zune players?
Well, the answer is simple really. They arent dead, but the prospects of new hardware isnt looking incredibly well either. The last firmware update for the Zune Hd was 4.5, released in april of 2010 i believe. The platform for the Zune HD is still surviving, as far as apps go anyways. Before I obtained my Lg Quantum, I was in the beta app testing program for the Zune HD, and there are some surprisingly useful apps still coming. I wish I could say more on them, but they havent been released yet, so I dont want to spoil the surprise. Anyway The ‘Zune’ Brand name is currently viewed by a majority of people as a failure sometimes compared the windows kin phones. Some argue that it was Microsoft’s marketing strategy, some that it was the lack of apps, ,Some would say:it has a tegra chip in it! why are there no great apps!? even though the purpose of the tegra chip in the Zune HD, according Dave Mac, is for HDMI output. But one thing no one would disrespect about the Zune HD was the look, sleekness, Amoled screen, or Music and Video Quality of the OS. Yet, news about the Windows Phone 7 Platform seems to be positive for the most part, with a dab of negativity only here or there(See Below for Wp7 news.). So as I wait, mainly for Windows 8 to start up, and for the Xbox 360 dashboard update, It’s nice to remember where this sleek, elegant design that will soon be connected across most of my devices came from.

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