Archos G9 Honeycomb Series

Not so long ago, Archos announced a series of “Internet Tablets” that ran android 2.1/2.2, and the questions being asked about it was, “is it going to be upgradeable to honeycomb?” Today Archos has debuted 2 new models for a new series of tablets, the G9 Series, the 101 G9 and the 80 G9, both tablets feature Android 3.1, a dual core OMAP 4 processor running at 1.5ghz, and a 250 gb seagate hard drive.The 101 G9 will cost $349, an affordable price compared to the other honeycomb tablets out there.(Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom,Acer’s Iconia,etc.)The 8″ 80 G9 will run an attractive $249, which is an incredible price to pay for a honeycomb tablet. Both models can have the additional optional accessory of a $49 3g usb laptop stick to come with it. They begin shipping at the end of september.

Archos G9 official specs
Video for the G9 Series
More Features:

Adobe Flash Player support
Built-in features: Compass, GPS, speakers, G-sensor, Vibrator, Built-in kick stand, Built-in Microphone
Innovative 3G – The ARCHOS Gen 9 tablets have the ability to receive 3G mobile broadband signals using a USB 3G stick, it’s a $49 optional upgrade.
Camera – 720p front camera with 720p encoding
Battery life – Music playback time: up to 36 hrs; Video playback time: up to 7 hrs ;Internet navigation time: up to 10 hrs
Weight – ARCHOS 80 G9; 465g (17 oz) for 16GB flash model and 599g (21.9 oz) for the 250GB HDD model. ARCHOS 101 G9; 649g (23.8 oz 16GB flash model and 755g (27.7 oz) for 250GB HDD model.

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