Mango Mania Part 1-Multi Tasking Mango’s

So I’ve been running the Mango beta update for my Lg Quantum as of late. Today I wanted to touch on “Multi Tasking” the reason for those quotes on “Multi Tasking” is because multi tasking is supposed to be used to increase efficiency, but in Wp7’s case, its the opposite. To be fair, you can switch between apps efficiently, the trouble comes when you attempts close the tasks running. When I saw how this was demoed online, I was confused on how to close the apps, I think Microsoft should take a page out of apples book here and have a red X to close running apps or even switching to another app and pressing the home button, but instead you have to press the back button, which would be fine if it immediately took you back to the homepage, but instead you have to cycle through everything you had done previously. For instance, if i was playing angry birds and switched over to play Pixel Man Zero, another great retro styled platformer for wp7, and then went back to angry birds and wanted to back out, the first back tap would pause it, the next tap would take you the main menu, then the next tap would take you the home screen. Wasnt Windows whole Motto to “Get In And Out” on your phone? it seems like their straying from their mantra with this problem. I’ve found myself constantly pressing the windows button to get back to the homescreen, thinking i’ve exited the app, only to find it is still open later on! Although I am still slightly holding onto hope that this problem will be fixed by the time the official mango comes out.

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