App Review-Evernote

So this is my first review of an application for Wp7, and I’m only doing this one because I honestly think everyone should use this app if they write articles on a blog And/or are on the move often. I have used this app for all of my latest Mango Mania installments. So lets get to it shall we?

So before you get this app you should make sure to already have the evernote desktop client, along with an account obviously. The desktop client and wp7 app sync very well together, in my case I start a new note from my quantum while I’m out, I can type up an article, attach pictures from the ‘pictures’ hub, even attach a voice note. Then when I get back in all I have to do is make sure the evernote client is running on my desktop. It will sync automatically if it is, and pull up the new/updated article for me to finish it on there.(although in most cases their already done from my phone.) it also works vice versa, if I start on another note on my computer, when i open evernote, it will sync automatically, it even includes pictures that i attached from my computer. The only problem I have with this app is that in Mango when I switch to another app and come back, the writing process will lag noticeably, but this is most likely because it hasn’t been updated for Mango yet. But it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

Make sure to check out Evernote’s official Blog Release to learn more about this app



  • Syncs well with desktop client
  • Can attach different items in note
  • Can transfer notes to different ‘Notebooks’
  • Free


  • Noticeable lag when app switching

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