Mango Mania Part 5-Browsing For Mangoes

IE9 Portait Browser

In this second to last installment of Mango Mania, I’ll be discussing the new internet explorer 9 browser. So here we go!

The new browser has had quite a few changes, some useful, others taking away from the usefulness in my experience. First of all, the new browser is pretty fast, web pages load up immediately. The look of the browser has under gone some changes too. In portrait mode, gone are the add to favorites, favorites, and tabs buttons, for better or for worse, as it does give you a nice amount of screen real estate, but now to access your other tabs, you have to tap the familiar elipses, which brings up a slew of options, such as:

Tabs-View your other open tabs.

Recent-In the new IE9 browser you can revisit your closed pages.

Favorites-View your Favorite web pages.

Add to Favorites-Pretty self explanatory.

Share Page-Share the interesting article your reading to others via email, and text messaging.

Pin to Start-Pin a website you visit constantly to avoid typing it in everyday.

Settings-From here you can choose to “Allow cookies”, “Get suggestions from Bing as you type”, “allow internet explorer to collect my browsing history”. You can also choose your website preference from desktop and mobile, and delete your history.

You also now have the address bar that you’ve wanted in land scape orientation, with the elipses to access those same options listed above.
IE9 Land Scape Browser
All in all the IE9 browser has seen a nice improvement, especially in speed, but  it seems like it’s also lost some productivity, mainly by losing the tabs button. Just to view any open tabs you have running, you’ll now have to make three taps, as opposed to the 2 in Nodo. You have to tap the elipses, tap the tabs section, then select which tab you’d like to run, although Im gonna miss being able to just tap the tabs icon, but this is also subject to change as this is a beta.

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