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Mango Mania Part 5-Browsing For Mangoes

IE9 Portait Browser In this second to last installment of Mango Mania, I’ll be discussing the new internet explorer 9 browser. So here we go! The new browser has had quite a few changes, some useful, others taking away from the usefulness in my experience. First of all, the new browser is pretty fast, web […]

Mango Mania Part 4-Mango Market

Market Place Search This latest installment is very short, but the next one will be longer, I’ll be discussing the new market place additions, so lets jump right in. First of all, the market place now has a much better search function, in NoDo, you had to press the search button, and risked your phone […]

Mango Mania Part 3-Mango Media

The Modified Now Playing Screen I’ll be discussing the redesign of the Zune(music+videos) hub is more productive what with the new features that have been added, such as making playlists on the go, the smart DJ playlists, and especially the OTA(over the air) downloading of podcasts. Starting with the new now playing screen,you now have […]

Mango Mania Part 2-Game Hub

The games hub has been redesigned very well in Mango. We now have 3d avatars, that’s pretty cool, along with much more integration. On Nodo You have to make an extra tap on your avatar to sign into Xbox live and see any friend requests, achievements, etc. In mango, you have your profile, achievements and […]

Mango Mania Part 1-Multi Tasking Mango’s

So I’ve been running the Mango beta update for my Lg Quantum as of late. Today I wanted to touch on “Multi Tasking” the reason for those quotes on “Multi Tasking” is because multi tasking is supposed to be used to increase efficiency, but in Wp7’s case, its the opposite. To be fair, you can […]

Windows Phone Mango RTM

According to This Is My NextWindows Phone Mango has been released to manufacturers, which means that there will be fixes to the earlier builds of mango that I reviewed.

App Review-Evernote

So this is my first review of an application for Wp7, and I’m only doing this one because I honestly think everyone should use this app if they write articles on a blog And/or are on the move often. I have used this app for all of my latest Mango Mania installments. So lets get to it shall […]