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Where Has All My Game Time Gone?

When I was a kid, not sure how old I was, 3-7 years, there was always very little on my mind. In fact there was only 2 things on my mind. Arthur snacks, and Game time. The latter was from when I would watch the old PBS Kids show, Arthur, at 3:30. One time my mom gave me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at that time, and I designated it as my “Arthur Snack” and began looking forward to it everyday. Good times. Speaking of times, the former, Game Time, was how long I would get to play my video games. Vectorman and Sonic games on the Sega genesis, the pinball games on Computers,etc. I always wanted more Game Time, and would always ask my mom, “Mom can I have more g-a-m-e-t-i-m-e please?”she would always laugh and grant me 15 more minutes.

Before I continue, I want you to know i’m definitely not going to launch into some rambling speech about how games of yesteryear are better than games of this year,blah blah blah… (Although I do have to say every Bomberman game released for the super nintendo is much better than the newer ones of today. Dont believe me? go play one on a Zsnes emulator, than play one for the nintendo 64, than one on the gamecube or xbox. It will be clear which game is the victor.) Okay moving on.

Im 18 now, and am allowed to have all the Game Time I please, although some games have changed, for instance, the game i played most,Sonic 2, is now Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2. Earlier today, I started thinking about my games of today, and realized something. Although I do occasionally play Cod MW2, most of my games are played on portable devices.

I bought an iPod Touch when I was 17, and almost loved it. I say ‘almost’ because i loved all of the apps for it, but hated the small screen, when I saw the iPad, that was it. I wanted it primarily for gaming, and just recently treated myself to one, along with an Acer Iconia tablet.

Most of my gaming over the last few weeks has been done on both these tablets. I realized the primary reason is price. While im not a big fan of racing games, others like them, and I like a few of them. As great as racing games look on the Xbox 360, now they look great on the iPad too. Now there’s no reason for me to buy a $19.99 or $29.99 game for my xbox, when I can get one for $1-$5.99 for the iPad. The same logic occurs with a personal favorite genre of mine, FPS games, or action games in general. I was able to buy the game N.O.V.A 2 for $.99 it has great graphics, and runs fine. Sure it uses touch controls, and while I do mind them slightly, i’m fine with them when the game is that much cheaper. Samurai 2:Vengeance is another high quality slasher type game, for only $2.99. Another great game I got for free is Contract Killer with high graphics, fluid gameplay, and a price tag of $0.00, its a great game.

This may sound like its all about the iPad, but the Acer tablet has been just as active on the gaming front. for $.99 I bought the game Caligo Chaser, a full fledged rpg, with great graphics,fluid gameplay, quests, skills, items to equip, everything. There were several full featured free games. Angry Birds, a nice time killer for adults and kids alike, all 3 versions for free. Another game is called Galaxy On Fire, it has extremely good graphics and fluid gameplay, and was also free. Third blade, another free game made by the same app developers who made Caligo Chaser, Another is Colosseum, a side scrolling beat ’em up type game. Although very repetitive, still alot of fun, with all kinds of weapons, and enemies to face, for only $.99

So when I tell my mom or sister, im gonna buy this or that app for up to $9.99(the maximum price I will pay for a game on the iPad.) and they say, “thats way to much for an app.” from now on I’ll respond, “its not an app, its a video game.”

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The Zune’s Legacy

See that picture up there? to those of you who’ve owned a ZuneHD,you know what this is already. To those who are not sure what your looking at, this is the now playing screen for the ZuneHD Operating System, and the ‘Metro’ Os Design. Now look at this:

Looks similar right? those who own a Wp7 Device know what this is, and those who own a ZuneHD probably know what this is too. This is the now playing screen for the Wp7 Operating System, and the ‘Metro’ Os again. Now look towards the future at these:

Those 2 pictures are the future-Windows 8 and the Xbox 360 dashboard update. expected 2012 and fall(?) 2011, respectively. Donesnt this ‘Metro’ design seem like it stemmed from the Zune’s Operating system? with its starky 2d blocks of color and Oversized elegant font? I personally loved the Os of the Zune, and love how widely its being adapted, even to the desktop software Omnimo 4, which i personally use, shown below.

With The ‘Metro’ design hitting windows big product’s one by one, one would wonder: whats happened to the Zune players?
Well, the answer is simple really. They arent dead, but the prospects of new hardware isnt looking incredibly well either. The last firmware update for the Zune Hd was 4.5, released in april of 2010 i believe. The platform for the Zune HD is still surviving, as far as apps go anyways. Before I obtained my Lg Quantum, I was in the beta app testing program for the Zune HD, and there are some surprisingly useful apps still coming. I wish I could say more on them, but they havent been released yet, so I dont want to spoil the surprise. Anyway The ‘Zune’ Brand name is currently viewed by a majority of people as a failure sometimes compared the windows kin phones. Some argue that it was Microsoft’s marketing strategy, some that it was the lack of apps, ,Some would say:it has a tegra chip in it! why are there no great apps!? even though the purpose of the tegra chip in the Zune HD, according Dave Mac, is for HDMI output. But one thing no one would disrespect about the Zune HD was the look, sleekness, Amoled screen, or Music and Video Quality of the OS. Yet, news about the Windows Phone 7 Platform seems to be positive for the most part, with a dab of negativity only here or there(See Below for Wp7 news.). So as I wait, mainly for Windows 8 to start up, and for the Xbox 360 dashboard update, It’s nice to remember where this sleek, elegant design that will soon be connected across most of my devices came from.

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Wp7 Conundrum
So I read an interesting article on one of my favorite wp7 sites, wpcentral today. The article was about a summary of a statement made by Microsoft, stating that wp7 is their only mobile gaming platform(Wp7 is microsoft’s only solution to portable gaming.). That statement actually worried me, due to the latest problems Microsoft’s been having with its app’s.
Wp7 Marketplace spam
Wp7 marketplace spam again?
The spam problem already seemed bad from before, but now that Microsoft has made it clear that this is their direction platform wise, the spam problem, combined with another problem I’ve been seeing and considering as of late, is the quality of the app’s. I’ve seen a few articles about the quality of the app’s, but IMO if Microsoft is going to use wp7 as its solution to mobile gaming, it needs to step up. These are the people who gave us gears of war, halo, etc. So why aren’t we seeing any good exclusive titles besides the harvest(i didn’t see it for IOS or Android.)? Right now all I am seeing is ports, which to be fair, Android did start out similarly. Hopefully we’ll get some better titles after the developers conference for gamer’s in London, Seattle, And Tokyo coming soon.(Developers Conference) But as far as the wp7 gaming situation is concerned right now, I’m still pretty worried since I haven’t heard of any great exclusive titles yet.

Btw all of this was typed with my LG quantum, except this sentence.